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Shoester shoes where your shoes are fitted not just soled

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On-site medical professional can help solve your problems

With two ABC-certified medical professionals on staff, Shoester's Shoes can provide medical services that other shoe stores simply can't match. We can accommodate foot abnormalities and stock the best problem-solving shoes. We maintain a professional relationship with all of the doctors in the area.


We also provide custom orthotics, and we carry sizes ranging from 4 - 18 AA - 6E. When it comes to footwear and care, Shoester's Shoes has the effective solutions you need.

  • Joe P. Watson | Orthoprosthesis and On-site Pedorthist

  • Justin Price | Custom Shoe Fitter

  • Paul Rutlidge | Orthotist

Personal care from certified specialists

Professional foot care services

Put your feet in the skilled hands of our experienced medical professionals

Call today to speak with one of our medical professional and to learn more about the amazing footwear and accessories we carry.